7 Top Spa-Wellness Trends **Feature in Whole Foods Magazine**

The overarching theme at the September 2019 ISPA (International Spa Association) Conference, held in Las Vegas, was “evolution.” This is the most appropriate description for what the spa industry is experiencing. As the founder of the leading wellness PR firm, I’ve been attending ISPA since it was established. At that time, spas were wrestling with various identities…yoga retreats, fat farms and places to heal. Today, spa has evolved into an accessible place of wellness. My personal philosophy and the mission of my firm is to make wellness applicable to every room of the home or office, every member of the family and every time of day. It was satisfying to see that reflected at ISPA this year, as well as at the ISPA media event prior to the show, where spas showcased the products, services and equipment they feature. A look at five trends that took center stage at the show:

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