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How BeeSpa Began

How BeeSpa Began

The beginning of BeeSpa’s Foot and Hand Cream came by happenstance. It was several years ago that an apiarist friend sent Diane a bee product care package, including honey, propolis tablets and “strange smelling” gray, foamy cream. It was one night out of desperation that Diane applied the cream to her extremely dry, irritated feet. The next morning she saw a dramatic improvement in the condition of her feet – so much so that she knew she was onto something.


It turns out the cream was on old recipe from the beekeeper’s grandmother, who had made the gray foamy cream in her garage. For two years Diane worked with the beekeeper and a team of chemists to formulate BeeSpa Foot and Hand Cream, a meticulous blend of vitamins and antioxidants used to improve the quality of skin. Through the use of botanical, vegetable-based and vitamin-rich ingredients selected for their proven effectiveness, BeeSpa foot and hand cream is quickly becoming a break-through and effective beauty product.

all-natural product everyone is talking about

The Buzz about BeeSpa

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BeeSpa, the all-natural product everyone is talking about.

I just wanted to thank you for inventing this great product for the hands. It is the perfect balance between moisture and oil.  It is the most penetrating skin product I’ve used. It doesn’t just sit on top of my dark skin but penetrates the skin for lasting moisture even after washing my hands. As a massage therapist, I wash my hands regularly on a daily basis and your product helps bring back the moisture my hands desperately need. Thanks again!”

“A friend gave me a miniature beespa as a gift. I have to say, I buy the large size now and I love it! I use it on my face and hands and it feels amazing! I love that it is locally made and natural! I make a lot of my own skin care products and this is one less thing I have to make. I simply adore this product!”
Erin L.

“Boston winters are brutal on the skin, especially on the hand and feet. I began to use BeeSpa to combat the long winters, and the results have been incredible. I gifted the jars out at work as well, and people rave about the product as well.”
Andrew H.

“I just wanted to let you know that I love your product! I’m originally from Minneapolis, but now live in Redondo Beach, CA where our skin gets exposure to a lot of sun all year round. It’s wonderful but damaging and drying…especially on the hands. I recently flew back to MN for my Mother’s funeral…while waiting for my return flight back to CA I was passing time at a little shop at MSP airport…that’s when I discovered your cream. They had a tester jar open and I immediately appreciated the luxurious feeling it gave my hands, so I bought my first jar and applied it on my flight back home. Great product…thank you!”
P. S.

“I’m a gardener and I originally purchased BeeSpa for my dry hands. It worked great but was quickly co-opted by my husband. He has Type 2 Diabeties and often has problems with cracked feet. BeeSpa works better than any product he’s ever used. Now we keep several jars on hand. Thanks for a great product!”
Margaret S.

“My patients are all abuzz about Beespa hand and foot cream.  They say it really does the job!”
Charles Crutchfield III MD, Crutchfield Dermatology

“I love this cream! I have had extremely dry skin my entire life. Minnesota winters are brutal on my hands. At any given time during the winter I would have two to three cuts on my hands where my skin was so dry it literally split open. I tried numerous products to no avail. Then, at the beginning of one winter, I received a jar of this cream. I used it every night and that winter, I did not have a single split!

Also, my daughter has terrible eczema. The only cream that has helped her was a prescription with undesirable side effects. I tried this cream on her one night and by the next morning, there was a visible improvement. A couple more nights of use and her flare up was completely gone.

Over the years, I have tried dozens of dry skin products. This is by far the best!”
Karen M.

“The cream worked excellent! Within a few hours of my daughter putting it on, all of the itchiness and the rash had gone away.  The only thing that worked for her chronic skin condition was Beespa cream.  None of the over the counter products worked.
Grace S.

“My husband loves the cream for his feet.  I have to hide it so he doesn’t use it all!  Love the product.”
Susan. S.

“I’m an 80 year-old retired Plastic Surgeon and like most male senior citizens, have some difficulty bending over and pulling socks on over my dry chapped feet, particularly during winter season.  After only one application of BeesSpa’s cream my socks slid on ‘slick as a whistle!”
Harry J. (M.D)

“I love the product!  IT helped tremendously with my eczema.  I highly recommend Beespa cream.”
Alecia S.

“BeeSpa was absolutely wonderful for my dry and cracked feet and hands. It has returned them to a soft and smooth, fabulous looking condition. Thank you BeeSpa!”
Laura K.

“Diane has created a piece of heaven in her Ultra Healing Hand + Foot Cream — a smooth, buttery cream that your thirsty skin will absolutely love. I’ve tried a lot of skin products in the past, but none compare to this whipped-to-perfection, all-natural cream. I apply it daily to my severely dry heels and, when combined with exfoliation, the cracks disappear within days revealing smoother, softer skin.

Beeswax, the main ingredient, is known as a humectant, meaning it attracts moisture and locks it in. Golden in color with a pleasant honey-infused scent, Ultra Healing Hand + Foot Cream rubs on smoothly to hydrate all of your rough spots. Apply it on your feet, hands and wherever you have dry skin and let the oils absorb for a luxurious feeling. And, Ultra Healing Hand + Foot Cream is made in the good ‘ole USA.

Experience natural bee-auty today!”

Jennifer Evans.  Jennifer is passionate about the written word. She writes on health and wellness subjects, and has self-published her own poetry anthology.

After using the cream just once, I was surprised to see my cracked heals were almost completely heeled by the second day. The cream contains 16% beeswax which locks in moisture to protect the skin, and it also contains shea butter, vitamins E, A, and D, and antioxidants. I love that it is NOT greasy like most creams and home remedies, and it can also be used on hands, elbows, and other areas of dry skin. A little goes a long way.