Support Endangered Bees

In recent years, we have all become more aware of the importance of bees and bee pollination. Bees pollinate over 50 different American crops, which are valued at over 20 million dollars according to the Indiana Department of Natural Resources. Not surprisingly, bees are the backbone of the agricultural system in the United States. The important question is, how can we support these hard-working honey bees?

Bee Products

Purchasing and recommending products that involve bees are great ways to support the bee industry and beekeepers, and to continue spreading the knowledge about the importance of bees.

  • Honey
    • Natural, organic, locally sourced, raw honey is an excellent choice for supporting honey bees and the efforts of people and organizations working to keep their bee population prosperous.
  • Beeswax products
    • Purchasing lip balm, lotions, and other beauty products that contain beeswax is another way to support endangered bees. Bees naturally leave behind waxy residue in their combs. If we don’t collect it and create something useful with the extra beeswax, it simply goes to waste. Using beeswax products helps us support bees by efficiently cleaning their homes of excess wax.

Bee Farms

In many urban areas, people have the opportunity to financially support local, urban beekeepers. These beekeepers help keep the local agriculture pollinated and healthy. It’s possible to even rent bee cages, which improve bee population in areas that are lacking. For more information, check out the resources in your area.

Plant Flowers for Bees

Next spring when you step into your local flower shop and decide which plants and flowers you’d like to purchase, consider the liveliness and health of bees. A bee friendly garden is a the easiest and most natural way to support bees in your area. Plus, bees will help your garden grow beautiful and keep it growing through the seasons. Some good options are:

  • Fennel
  • Lantana
  • Lavender
  • Yarrow
  • Sunflower
  • Sweet alyssum
  • Lions Tail

Butterflies also enjoy these plants, so you’ll have an active garden of gorgeous butterflies and healthy bees.

Be a spokesperson

Another way to support bees is to simply be their spokesperson. People fear bees, but they are often, in actuality, afraid of hornets and mistake them for bees. Honey bees are harmless. Help people know the difference and explain to others the importance of bees in our agricultural system!

Ultra Healing Hand + Foot Cream from BeeSpa™

Like other natural beeswax products, the BeeSpa™ Ultra Healing Hand + Foot Cream supports bees and the bee industry. BeeSpa™ is a trustworthy, all-natural product that will bring you smoother, softer, younger skin. Support your skin and the bees!

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