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Skip Care: Keep it Simple

How “lazy” skin care is condensing beauty rituals down to the fundamentals.

Last year saw the end of the 10-step skin care routine as we know it and the emergence of “skip care,” a shift toward hard-working, multitasking skin care products that shorten routines without sacrificing results.  Expect to see more of the same throughout 2020.

Adored by millennials, this restrictive skin care diet is actually very much in line with dermatologists’ long-time mantra of cleanse, tone, moisturize.  The only difference is that this lazier beauty regimen focuses more on clean, hydrate and protect.

Simplicity works

The philosophy doesn’t just apply to the face.  Beeswax for example, is well known to work for dry, cracked skin on hands, feet and everywhere in between.  Beeswax carries antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that are essential to healing and preventing skin problems.  Former spa director, Diane Cook, developed a product called BeeSpa based on a beekeeper’s grandmother’s all-natural recipe because it got the job done, no accompanying products needed.

7 Top Spa-Wellness Trends **Feature in Whole Foods Magazine**

The overarching theme at the September 2019 ISPA (International Spa Association) Conference, held in Las Vegas, was “evolution.” This is the most appropriate description for what the spa industry is experiencing. As the founder of the leading wellness PR firm, I’ve been attending ISPA since it was established. At that time, spas were wrestling with various identities…yoga retreats, fat farms and places to heal. Today, spa has evolved into an accessible place of wellness. My personal philosophy and the mission of my firm is to make wellness applicable to every room of the home or office, every member of the family and every time of day. It was satisfying to see that reflected at ISPA this year, as well as at the ISPA media event prior to the show, where spas showcased the products, services and equipment they feature. A look at five trends that took center stage at the show:

Beeswax: For dry, cracked winter skin, we suggest people try BeeSpa. Developed from a secret recipe from a beekeeper’s grandmother, all-natural BeeSpa works quickly to provide relief to cracked and dry skin on your hands, feet, and everywhere in-between. Beeswax carries antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties that are essential to healing and preventing dry, chapped, or cracked skin.

Giving Back to the Community


A Donation for a Wonderful Cause

We’re proud to have recently donated our BeeSpa product to Circle of Support–an organization committed to helping cancer patients and their families find ways to relieve stress and improve their overall wellbeing. Our hand and foot cream will now be included in their care packages!

“This healing hand and foot cream works miracles on dry skin for cancer patients. Those patients will know they have their community supporting them when they see this in their care package! Thank you.”

– Circle of Support.

It’s wonderful being able to give back to our community knowing our product is helping others.


Flying off the Shelves


Last weekend, my daughter-in-law Stacey and granddaughter Hailey sold out of our BeeSpa products at their table in Kowalski’s Market in Eagan, MN and Uptown. I’m so happy with how popular the BeeSpa minis have been. I love when my family can be part of the success of BeeSpa! It’s the perfect cure for the dryness that comes with the winter.

As a mother, I can tell you that BeeSpa is the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Don’t forget to order a jar in time to surprise your mom this year.  

– Diane Cook (BeeSpa founder)


Experience Your Softest Skin with BeeSpa

BeeSpa Ultra Healing Hand + Foot Cream promises a more beautiful you. 

BeeSpa’s all-natural ingredients are quickly making BeeSpa a beauty secret for smooth, soft, and younger looking skin. Feel great in your skin; order today

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Bees – We Can’t Live Without Them!

unnamed-2Meeting the Bees

“Recently, I got a firsthand close-up of bee life from Noel Patterson, Resident Beekeeper at Miraval Resort in Tucson. Their popular activity called “All the Buzz” brought me to the hives where I was able to surround myself with these little wonders.

This experience made me even more proud that our product, BeeSpa is 16% beeswax. Beeswax is a natural humectant, and it acts as a glove, providing continual hydrating benefits.

Thank you little bees for all of your hard work!! We should all do our part to protect and respect the environment to keep bees healthy and productive. It’s for our own good!”                       

unnamed-3Bee Facts

There are 20,000 different species of bees in the world.

Honeybee hives have long provided humans with honey and beeswax.

Bees are pollinators that transfer pollen and seeds from one flower to another fertilizing the plant so it can grow and produce food.  Without bees to spread the seeds, many plants including food crops would die off.

– Diane Cook (BeeSpa Founder)


Marigolds – More Than Just Pretty Flowers

Marigold oil is a key ingredient in BeeSpa Ultra Healing Hand + Foot Cream.  Marigold oil helps soothe irritation and redness. BeeSpa combines marigold oil and beeswax to create the best product to heal dry, cracked skin.

BeeSpa isn’t only for dry skin. Here are other unique uses for BeeSpa:

  • Reduces diaper rash and protects sensitive skin
  • Treats swollen bug bites
  • Calms dermatitis and eczema
  • Soothes skin after shaving
  • Treats ingrown hairs

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Quick Way to Heal Cracked Feet

A success story:

“Cracked feet is a common issue for me. There are numerous causes for cracked feet, but for me it is due to dry skin and improper footwear. Over the years I have tried foot scrubs, paraffin wax, foot creams, and numerous home remedies. These methods were either ineffective or took over a week to see results. Walking the hills of San Francisco in flip flops has been rough on my feet, but I recently discovered a quick way heal my cracked feet.

A couple months ago, I came across the GEHWOL Foot File at Nordstrom. Not only is it super effective and gentle, it is also antibacterial and waterproof. I keep it in my shower and only need to use it once to remove the dead skin. Then I use BeeSpa’s Hand + Foot Cream to soothe and moisturize my feet. After using the cream just once, I was surprised to see my cracked heals were almost completely heeled by the second day. The cream contains 16% beeswax which locks in moisture to protect the skin, and it also contains shea butter, vitamins E, A, and D, and antioxidants. I love that it is NOT greasy like most creams and home remedies, and it can also be used on hands, elbows, and other areas of dry skin. A little goes a long way. The combination of the foot file and BeeSpa cream healed my feet in just 2 days! If you struggle with cracked feet or dry skin, I would highly recommend trying these products.”

Emily | October 11, 2016 at 9:45 am | URL:

The Story of BeeSpa on EVINE Live

Diane Cook, the CEO of BeeSpa had the pleasure of being invited to EVINE Live on April 8th. She enjoyed talking about the evolution of the brand, the development of BeeSpa Ultra Healing Hand + Foot Cream, and how she worked for two years to create a product to heal cracked or dry heels. If you missed the broadcast, you can read about the segment here! We’ll be visiting with EVINE Live again soon so keep an eye out for more information.

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BeeSpa at the Boca Grande Woman’s Club Fashion Show

On Friday, February 19th, BeeSpa CEO Diane Cook had the opportunity to work in collaboration with Joni Bergs and Ann Fletcher to host the Boca Grande Woman’s Club Fashion Show. The Fashion Show took place at Gasparilla Inn and Spa, located in Boca Grande, Florida. With the incredible styling talent of Joni Bergs, the staff at Gasparilla Inn, and the amazing hosts and co-chairs, the event went off without a hitch! We were all thrilled to be a part of it.BGWC Fashion Show 2016 2

The Boca Grande Woman’s Club Fashion Show supports over thirty nonprofits in Florida and grants sixty-one scholarships to local students who are furthering their education and careers. BeeSpa is a proud supporter of
education and the empowerment of women everywhere.

As G.D. Anderson said, “Feminism isn’t about making women stronger. Women are already strong. It’s about changing the way the world perceives that strength.”
Boca Grande Woman’s Club Fashion Show is an opportunity to support the education of women and to empower them in their careers so that they can improve the world with their unique skills, talents, and strength. Women truly offer a unique perspective on business and in leadership, and we are proud to support that.

Thanks again to Gasparilla Inn and Spa for hosting the event, to Joni Bergs for styling, and to everyone who donated and made the event possible! We hope to host another in the future. In the meantime, treat yourself to some well-deserved pampering at the Gasparilla Spa and pick up BeeSpa Ultra Healing Hand + Foot Cream on your way out.

Benefits of 5 Different Kinds of Tea

Tea is far more complicated than we tend to think. There is a lot of variation between different types of tea and there are unique health benefits to each! Learning about the variety of teas, their flavors, scents, origin, and nutritional benefits may motivate you to replace your usual beverages with different types of tea. Dare I say it, you may even choose to replace your morning coffee!

Green Tea

  • Everyone is familiar with green tea and some of its qualities because it is a favorite tea around the globe. Green tea is known to support healthy digestion and it is a metabolism booster, so it promotes weight loss. Green tea is full of antioxidants that may help prevent cancer and heart disease. It’s been found that drinking green tea daily can lower one’s risk of cardiovascular disease.

Black Tea

  • Black tea is another popular variety and is the most consumed tea in the world. Black tea contains the highest amount of caffeine of all tea types. Rather than using coffee, kickstart your day with a black breakfast tea. It has antioxidant compounds that can lower cholesterol and support total body wellness.

White Tea

  • White tea has the mildest flavor than other teas and less caffeine. It is a perfect tea type to enjoy throughout the day. White tea offers a variety of benefits. It helps improve one’s tolerance to glucose, supports a healthy cholesterol, and may help prevent cardiovascular diseases. It is also an anti-inflammatory and is beneficial for those suffering from arthritis or osteoporosis.

Oolong Tea

  • Similar to Black tea, Oolong has a higher caffeine level than most tea types. It is a popular tea for those looking to help with weight management. Oolong tea activates enzymes in the body that help break down fat. People who drink Oolong tea may burn slightly more calories in a regular day than those who do not.


  • Chamomile tea is a delicious tea that is known to support many functions in the body. It is caffeine free so it can be enjoyed right before bedtime. Chamomile supports digestion and can help relax the muscles and lining of the intestines to ease cramping. It is also antibacterial so it is a popular choice to help treat symptoms of the common cold. As chamomile tea is anti-inflammatory, it also supports healthy skin and can help ease mild flare-ups of skin conditions like eczema or acne. Chamomile tea is truly a jack of all trades.

BeeSpa encourages a life full of wellness! Support your body and skin, and pursue total body wellness by implementing different teas into your daily life. To support a more beautiful you and have your smoothest skin, use all-natural BeeSpa Ultra Healing Hand + Foot Cream.