The Story of BeeSpa on EVINE Live

Diane Cook, the CEO of BeeSpa had the pleasure of being invited to EVINE Live on April 8th. She enjoyed talking about the evolution of the brand, the development of BeeSpa Ultra Healing Hand + Foot Cream, and how she worked for two years to create a product to heal cracked or dry heels. If you missed the broadcast, you can read about the segment here! We’ll be visiting with EVINE Live again soon so keep an eye out for more information.

The BeeSpa Story

  • The story of BeeSpa begins with Diane Cook. She became a well-known spa owner and beauty expert in the Twin Cities nearly 20 years ago. She was ahead of the trend, realizing that there were, and still are, far too many chemicals in the products we use on our skin. She set out to develop a product that was safe, natural, and effective for healing dry, cracked skin.
  • Diane worked with a friend of hers who is a beekeeper. This friend shared with her a gray, foamy cream. Diane applied this product to her feet one evening in a desperate attempt for relief from her dry, cracked skin. Overnight, she saw a tremendous difference in the overall moisture of her skin. From there, she inquired more about this cream and worked for two years to develop the healing product we know as BeeSpa.


What is BeeSpa?

  • BeeSpa is an all-natural product that is comprised of 16% beeswax. It also has marigold flower extract, sandalwood oil, shea butter, and several essential oils to enhance the smell and efficacy. BeeSpa is created without parabens, is not tested on animals, and does not have any of the harmful chemicals that most beauty products contain.
  • The difference between BeeSpa and other moisturizing creams is the significant amount of beeswax in BeeSpa. Beeswax is a natural emollient, which means it stays on the skin and retains moisture even after hand washing. So, BeeSpa works all day, even after washing. It’s an incredible moisturizing cream for people that wash their hands frequently (chefs, nurses, doctors, servers, etc.) and people who stand for most of their day, constantly wearing down their feet.


BeeSpa on EVINE Live

  • If you missed our feature on EVINE Live, you’re missing out a great deal. For a limited time, EVINE Live is offering a BeeSpa Duo Package for only $33.78, retail value for the Duo Package is $59.98. What a deal! If you are interested in treating your skin to the best healing moisturizer available now is your time to purchase. Visit the Evine Live website to see if the offer is still available.
  • We had such a fun time with the ladies and crew that afternoon, and we are looking forward to our next visit to the studio. We will keep you updated with more information for our next segment.

If you want to learn more about BeeSpa, visit our website. You can watch an incredible testimonial video from real women who have experienced real results with BeeSpa.

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